Hike Day 3

Day Three Tuesday June4, 1996

Popular Stamp - Blue Mt. Shelter 6.0 miles

Elev. gain

Popular Stamp: 3,350' - Cold Springs Gap: 3,450' - Chattahoochee Gap: 3,500'
Red Clay Gap: 3,450' - Rocky Knob: 4,015' - Henson Gap: 3,550' - Blue Mt. Shelter: 3,800'

Morning of day 3 single file
HUMP DAY the half way day of our hike and day 3. We are not sore like we thought we would be, I think the easy first day helped in that respect. The Beast has some misery with the chaffing, but its better today thanks to Neosporin..which I brought in my medical kit..dont ever go on the trail without a medical kit..mine contains blister paks, bandaids, sting ease, asa & other pain relievers, ace bandages, electrolite tabs, and other small easy to carry things for minor emergencies.

Today we walk to the Blue Mt. Shelter. Though we had planned to camp at a site on the trail, the extra miles we walked yesterday afford us the luxury of getting to a shelter in case of rain. We have a black cloudy sky, and some distant thunder.

We lunched on a very large log, and I made koolaid and had a bright red MOUTH..lol went well with my red sports bra...haha

lunch break

The blue blaze to spring starts here in the Chatahoochee Gap
After lunch we walked down the hill  on the Blue Blazed Trail to the headwaters of the Chattahoochee.  It was straight down, and my downhill knees were screaming.. At the spring it was really no big deal just another spring..like so many others we have used. Its amazing to think it becomes a swift running river down in lower Georgia. The walk back up the hill was exhuasting and we had to rest before setting off again...

Hydrating on Chatahoochee water.
This part of the trail to the Blue Mt. Shelter was very slow going. It was treacherous becuase of the rocks, more like boulders. Emma slipped and fell and at one point she had fallen "and couldnt get up" due to the pack weight!! We were worried she was hurt, but thank
goodnesss she marched on.

At Henson Gap we rested...named for a man who was ambushed and killed at this spot long ago--

FORE- goofing off Henson Gap Rest Break-pack off

In the gap we found a spring with a pipe! That made it much easier to fill our water containers...we got what we needed then hiked the 10th of a mile to the shelter.
The shelter was a three sided like most --front open, but newer being built in 1988- Written on the wall in big letters was

Blue Mt Shelter, I quit 6 months later.

our tent pitched in the shelter
This was not a good sign- SO Marsha n JT wanted to pitch tents and Emma and I put ours up in the shelter! We learned that at least we wont have mice run right over US if we are in a tent..

Real women wear plaid!

We needed more water so Marsha and I hiked back to the spring
using the water bags (these are life savers if you dont have one before you hike GET ONE, they are made of a nylon cloth, and they hold water pretty well, about a gallon or more) we used the stick method to carry it back so it wasnt so bad...Im wondering why Im always on water detail?

Cleaned up in camp

We decided to use Marsha's tent for a bath house so we could each get a good bath stripped to the skin--the days on the trail had started to show and we smelled pretty rank!! I even washed some clothes here, JT had been hiking in his "camp" shorts so I washed up some of his things too...We found a shelter logbook to write in and the person who left it also provided an envelope to have it mailed to him, maybe he is writing a book? We all took turns writing in it-
JT -THE BEAST made us another great fire, and we had so much fun laughing and joking as we sat around it, and why does the conversation always turn to body functions?

The mice came out asa we turned in...It sounded like they were hauling all our stuff away! I had to turn on my light many times in a effort to keep them at bay..Marsha hung our food in a tree so we knew it was safe-but all our belongings were at risk! Emma and I were kept awake by the varmits for a long time, then finally they settled down and we got some sleep. I think wood is harder than the Ground--

Emma in her bag

Marsha has some strange things to say about JT's sleepin habits, something about talking and moving his arms around and snoring. All I heard coming their tent was giggling!!