Hike Day Two

Day Two Monday June 3, 1996

Cowrock Mt - Popular Stamp Gap 7.3 miles

CrowRock Mt 3,842'
Tesnatee Gap 3,138
Hog Pen Gap 3,450'
Wolf Pen Gap 3,600'Strawberry Top: 3,710'
 Sapling Gap: 3,450'
Poor Mt.: 3,650'
Wide Gap: 3,150'
Sheep Rock Top: 3,575
Low Gap: 3,050'
Popular Stamp Gap: 3,350'

CrowRock Mt.

Back on the trail start of day 2
Day 2 was originally supposed to be another easy day with only 5.9 miles of walking, but we decided to try and shorten our 5th day by making more miles on this day. This turned out to be a HARD day at 7.3 miles. We left Cowrock Mt. @ 3,842" and came around a turn onto another great view. We paused to admire it and take pictues. Soon after we left it started to thunder & lightening. It rained on us for a little while so we suited up in rain gear. It didnt rain long but we were glad when it stopped!

Marsha's Load


We decended into Tesnatee Gap & Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway GA 348. There was no water here and I warned JT to slow down on drinking, as we trekked up...
Raven Cliff Wilderness
Tesnatee Gap

Emma Rests in Hogpen gap

Wildcat Mt....for me it was hard. We had an elevation gain of 650'. We took a much needed rest at the top on some great rocks--I LOVE ROCKs--they, well they ROCk!! 
Emma in Hogpen Gap
Later we descended into Hog Pen Gap and still NO WATER!! We crossed HWY 348 again, and the AT guide book made mention of a spring
up the road a bit so up the road
we went!! Thank the Gods


a beautiful spray of water fell off the rocks above and we filled our bottles with water so clean all we did was treat and drink!!
JT got under the spray and had a clothes on shower!!

Then we used some trash cans beside the road that were full of mice..Imagine that MICE ON THE AT..HAHAHAHA

Lunch at Sapling Gap 3, 450 ft.

We stopped on a log for lunch near Sapling Gap. We had not made good time this day partly because of the rain and more for the water delay.

We hiked 2.6 miles when we stopped for lunch. Marsha was getting annoyed because we were going too slow!..so After lunch we stepped up the pace with very little enthusiam.

Marsha the Pace Setter-lunch at Sapling Gap

By the time we reached the trail to the Low Gap Shelter, where we had originally planned ot stop we were very tired we almost stopped anyways but we stayed strong and headed out..After JT attended to a chaffing problem that had begun to cause him misery..(note to self bring POWDER next time)

Resting after the climb up SheepRock Top 3,575 ft.

SO it was another 1.5 miles to our campsite at Popular Stamp, and we arrived at 7:30. It was not the best of places and we had to hike another 1/2 mile for water!! Emma and I found it down in a steep ravine...IT was hard to get the heavy water bags back up that hill...so we picked up a stick and hung the bags on the ends, we even had enough for baths behind our towels. We usually tie our clothes line around 3 trees if we find the right set up, hang our towels around it and you got the perfect bath stall!!
So JT had the fire going and Emma was walking back from the woods and JT yelled out

Jt the Keeper of the Flame
"Well Emma did you have a BM?"
She didnt answer...so he repeated it..
"Emma did you have a bowel movment..??" then he laughed loudly..and giggled as he sit stirring his fire...just then he heard Emma saying hello to HIKERS that had passed thru our camp..LOL EMMA was a wee bit embarrassed!! Then Marsha came running from behind the towel and said
" I think they saw me naked!" This campsite is too CLOSE to the trail I think.

The Beast Retiring end of Day 2

SO we retired exhausted...we stashed the food in a tree then hit the tent...and during the night I was using the flashlight to look for something in the tent..JT sat up and said " I had a catapillar on a stick....so I asked "Where is it?" He replied "I dont know, it must have fell off, and he grabbed the flashlight shinned it all over the tent--

"Did you find it?" I asked, and he said "NO", then he laid back down and was immediately snoring--WAS he awake or Asleep?? Next morning he didnt have any recollection of that whole incident....lol